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 Useful cards for reservation:

Most of the time the reservation is unsuccessful, it times out, the transaction is terminated.
In this case, please try again in an hour later, for place of your choice becomes available free again!



Please try to be at the bus station at least 20-30 minutes before departing.
The lines  depart exactly on time.So we are not able to wait for anyone.

Itinerary bills

If you are an EU citizen it doesn't matter if it is an identity card  or a passport! It has to be valid! If you are a non-EU citizen you can travel with a valid passport only!
Please always check the validation!!!

Please don't forget , that you can not get on the bus without valid identification!
Thank you for your understanding!


Settle the third luggage is possible if there are free places, and it costs extra charge:  2100.HUF/item
There is no possibility to carry only luggage.
To carry an oversized luggage or a bike costs: 2100.HUF/piece.
If you want to know more about the maximum luggage size, you can find further information in our Travelling Agreement.

Travelling with children

Babies under 24 monthes can travel in their parents seat for free. If the baby has a carrier, the parents have to buy an extra seat for it.

Children under 10 can only travel with their lawful representatives or with grandparents holding a written constent of their lawful representatives..

Children between 10-14 may only travel holding with an adult, when holding a written consent of their lawful representatives.

Children after 14 can travel alone, for a price of an adult ticket, when holding a written consent of their lawful representatives.

Transportation of pets

We are not able to deliver any pets.

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