Berlin the city of arts and museums

Berlin is the capital of Germany, the city of arts, artists and museums. All of the government buildings can be found here, including the hictorical Reichstag.

The city’s conquest made of its excessively colourful sights, rich cultural life as well as its active and incompactible lifestyle.

Berlin defines the newest trends in lifestyle, music and art.

Inspired by the overflowing creativity, more and more artists arrive to Berlin from all around the world and makes the metropolis -even today- one of the most exciting places in Europe.


What is worth to see?

All the corners of Berlin is made of colourful monuments and interests. They must be seen at least once in a lifetime.

Such as the Gate of Brandenburg, the Friedrich Strasse, the Kreuzberg, the Alexanderplatz, the Wall of Berlin and the Bundestag.


What to taste for sure?

The city’s specialty is the Berlin pork knuckle, which is pickled.

From the sweets the most popular is the Berlin jam cake.

The most popular drinks are the different award-winning white wines, and the beers which are counting as a national drink.