• How many luggage can I take?

    The ticket price includes two large travel luggage. The maximum weight of travel luggage is 32 kgs and its maximum size is 100 x 50 x 40 cm. Bigger, heavier, or third package can be delivered at an extra charge if the capacity of the bus allows it. In addition, a hand luggage can be brought with, which can safely be locked in the on-board trunk. The luggage is considered as a hand luggage, which has the passenger while boarding. Find more details at Business Rules.

  • Can my child travel for free?

    Every child must have a ticket. Find more details at Business Rules

  • What should I do for a passenger under 14?

    Children up to the age of 10 can only be obtained with a parent or grandparent with permission from the legal representative from the age of 10 years up to the age of 14 only with written permission from the legal representative, accompanied by an adult, From 14 years up to 18 years old, only with written permission from the legal representative can travel on buses.
    Notwithstanding the age of the child, they can only travel with a valid passport or identity card. The required authorization can be downloaded here.

  • If I late a few minutes, will the bus wait for me?

    Since our lines are scheduled, we can not wait for late passengers, so if you do not arrive 5 minutes before departure and show your ticket, you will not be able to travel with us. We recommend you arrive 20 minutes earlier to the bus stop where the line departures.

  • Can I redeem my pre-purchased ticket?

    There is no way to refund the pre-purchased but unused travel tickets. It is possible to indicate the cancellation of the ticket more than 72 hours before the departure of the line, in which case a certain part of the ticket price will be refunded.

    Find more details at Business Rules.

  • Can I amend my ticket?

    If your planned route has changed or want to travel on another day / other time, please let us know as soon as possible. The amendment may have additional costs.

    Find more details at Business Rules.

  • What travel documents do I need for travel?

    The passenger is required to obtain the documents required by the authorities and to comply with the laws and other regulations of the States involved in the journey and the documents required by the country.

    Passport or ID?
    If you are an EU citizen, you can travel with both, passport and identity card.
    Non-EU citizens need a passport to travel! Please always check the validity of your travel documents.
    Please always check the validity of your travel documents.

  • Can I travel with pram?

    The pram can be transported on the bus. If the child is traveling with, no etxra fee is required for the pram.

  • Can I bring my by bike on the bus?

    Transportation of bicycles or large sports equipment is only possible in the case of free capacity, only in disassembled condition, which the passenger has to provide. About the bicycle transportation fee find more details at Business Rules

  • I would like to buy a domestic ticket, why do not allows the system?

    Orangeways does not carry passenger services domestically. You can only book a trip that crosses at least one national border.

  • Should I print my ticket?

    Not necessary. It is enough to show your online ticket to the driver that you can find on our website in your own account at Orders.

  • How do I travel with a wheelchair?

    When purchasing a ticket, a passenger is obliged to call for special care due to his locomotion or other disability. At one line there are maximum five passengers allowed with limited or no occupancy accompanied by attendant. The attendants are obliged to purchase a ticket.

  • How can I gift a trip?

    On our site, you can purchase a travel voucher for a specific destination for the number of passenger. To use the voucher, you have to look for our customer service where our staff books the specific trip. In itself, the voucher does not qualify as a travel ticket. For a gift trip, contact us at or at +36 70 400 4874, our colleagues are happy to assist you.

  • Can I bring my dog and cat with me?

    Animal transportation on Orangeways is prohibited, with the exception of assisting or guide dogs. Helping dogs can travel on the bus with a visually impaired, handicapped, hearing impaired person without an extra charge. It is important for the helper dog to have a distinctive sign, which must also include the logo of the dog training organization. Find more details at Business Rules

  • I have a complaint to whom to turn?

    In the event of a complaint, you can contact our customer service team where our colleagues can help. Contact our Customer Service at or at +36 70 400 4874.

  • How long can I file my complaint?

    Like any other service, there may be a case of complaint. You can file a complaint within 90 days of the event giving rise to the complaint. The adjudication period is 90 days after submission.