Our lines depart exactly, so that’s why we ask all the passengers to be at the bus station at least 20-30 minutes before departure time.
Unfortunately, we cannot wait for the passengers who arrived late because we would cause inconvenience to other passengers who arrived on time.

In case our passenger does not appear at the bus 5 minutes prior to departure, his/her bus ticket becomes invalid and it could be re-sellable.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Refund of pre-purchased but unused travel ticket is not possible.


  • More than 72 hours before departure, 20% of the ticket price can be refunded.
  • Less than 72 hours before departure, we will no longer be able to refund the ticket price.

If the passenger has a return ticket, the date of the first trip is the basis of the cancellation policy.
Contact: E-mail:

In case of purchasing the ticket via mobile phone we cannot refund the ticket price.
The discount tickets or under the 2000 HUF tickets can not be cancelled.

Ticket modification deadlines and costs
Modification of booking (in case of purchased ticket):
Czech Republic , Slovakia, Austria ,Poland,
Romania, Germany (Dresden, Berlin)
Modification fee 1500 HUF / person / direction
Change one way ticket: 1500 HUF
Change return ticket: 2 x 1500 = 3000 HUF

Amsterdam Line (Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Eindhoven, Utrecht)
Change one way ticket: 4500 HUF / person / direction
Change return ticket 2 x 4500 = 9000 HUF
Name modification fee: 3500 HUF / person / direction
Amsterdam Line (Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Eindhoven, Utrecht)
5000 HUF / person / direction

Please notify our customer service of your intent to change at least 120 minutes before traveling. The change is free of charge within 3 hours of purchasing your ticket!

Learn more about travel documents
Passport or ID card?
If you are a citizen of the EU, you can travel by passport and identity card.
Non-EU citizens must have a passport! Please always check the validity of your travel documents.
Valid driving license (driving license) is valid only for person identification in Hungary, does not count as a travel document.
Please note that you can not take over our international lines without a valid identity card or passport. Thank you for your understanding!
Learn more about the Schengen area.

Conditions of carrying luggage
Only hand luggage can be taken on board that can be locked in the trunk over the seat! Luggage: 2 luggage is included in the ticket.
To carry third luggage is possible if there is free space in the luggage rack and upon payment which cost the same as the full ticket price.
Only package delivery is not possible, so no postal service is provided!
Bicycle can be carried only if it is disassembled. Disassembling should be done by the owner.
Carriage fee of bicycles: HUF 2100 / bicycle / direction.
We are not responsible for any items left on the bus!
For other baggage information, please click on our Conditions of passenger transport.

Children’s travel
Children under 10 (including age 10) can only travel with their parents and grandparents.
If only the grandparent travels with the child, need a written consent of their lawful representatives.!
Children between 10-14 can only travel with an adult, when holding a Parental declaration of their lawful representatives.
Children from the age of 14 can travel alone for the adult ticket price , when holding a Parental declaration of their lawful representatives.

Transportation of small animals
Pets are not allowed on Orangeways’s bus services, only a guide / helper dog is allowed.

Complaint officer
The deadline for writing the complaint is 90 days after the event.

NAIH identifier: NAIH-115673/2017