Krakow, to where in this year our passenger can travel for only 10€ – this is the 10-year-old Orangeways’s present.

Krakow is the second most populated city in Poland, headquarter of Small Poland Voivodeship, once was the capital of Poland.

Krakow is regarded by a lot of people – with right – as the most beautiful city in Europe.

Historical, cultural, entertaining and economic center, whose lively economic life can be only guessed by the tourists who walk within the reputable walls.

What is worth to see?

The Krakow Barbican is the biggest watch tower in Central Europe, the Florian gate which is the main gate of Krakow, the Royal Castle, the Mary Square is unmissable sight, if we visit Krakow.

What to taste for sure?

The polish kitchen is a mixture of Slavic and foreign culinary traditions.

Because of Poland’s different regions and the surrounding areas’s culinary traditions

mixed in it, it shows a big variation of used ingredients.

It is made of a lot of meat (especially swine), cabbage and condiment, typically pasta and dumpling – from this the most famous is the Pierog (roly-poly or polish pierog).

Like the other Slavic cuisines there are mushes and other cereals, but it’s under a great effect of turkish, german, hungarian, jewish, french, italian and colony kitchens.

Generally, it can be said that the polish kitchen art is rich and abundant; polish people specify the mode of enjoyment of the meals and the preparation of some meals take more days.