Ljubljana: the many faces city barely five hours away from Budapest

Slovenia’s capitol Ljubljana the slovenians cultural centre is within a reach but we barely know it. It should gets more attention because it is only 5 hours away from Budapest on highway and it is waiting for the tourists and business travellers full of historical buildings, enormous parks and special event locations. Local people are very kind and friendly, they welcome the tourists full of heart. In Ljubljana the system from the west and the looseness of the south make a whole which is seasoned by a youthful charm by the university citizenship. People who live in Ljubljana love their city which can be feeled by every visitor who comes here.

You can really find everything in Ljubljana which is a indespensable for a city. Monumentality and intimate community spaces, an old town full of life, multitude of events, elegance and layer cultures, riverside built in cafes. Luckily one thing is missing from the real city feeling: the rush.

What is worth to see?

Ljubljana has a lots of spectacle from these the most popular ones are: the Ljubljana Castle, the Preseren square, the Three Bridges, Saint Jacob Church, the Dragon Bridge and the Tivoli Castle and Park.

What should we definetly taste?

The gastro tourists are at a good place in Ljubljana. You can recognize the local food specialities of the logo „Taste Ljubljana” in restaurants like the soup which is boiled from beef enriched with noodles or the famous Kranj sausages which is usually served with mustards, bread and wine. The boiled, smoked neat’s tounge is also a tradicional meal. It is a delusion to think that fried chicken and roasted potatoes are only served to table on Sundays in Hungary because this is also a local speciality. Beside of many other programs there is a gastro tour called „Taste Ljubljana” which takes 3-4 hours twice in a week. If it is about sweets then potica: it is a scone which usually baked at home tipically flavoured with walnut or thyme for good occasions but we can find different types of filled subtlety in cafes. On the surroundings of Bled the „Bled cream cake” (kremsnita) which is under protection is a have to, delicios, light summer sweet.