Prague: queen of the cities

Prague is the Czech Republic’s capitol the only existing city which has a lot of stunning architectural buildings which beauty is the reason why the people who visit this city come back regularly. It is often called „the city with hundreds of stars” or „the golden city” or simply just the Queen of the Cities.

Prague is traditionally one of the most important cultural centre of Europe. In its more hundreds theather, galleries, exhibiton halls have presentations, plays regularly and the cultural life of the city is also outstanding: pantomime artists, street theathers entertaining those who are interest to it.

From the events is dominant the Prague Spring Festival and the Jazz Festival which is organized every Autumn

What is it worth to see?

The main attraction in Prague is the historical downtown which is part of the World Heritage since 1992. It is worth the timet o see the Old town (Staré Mesto), Josefov, New town (Nové Mesto), the Saint Agnes Monastery, the National Museum and the House of Events because we will be richer with many experience.

What do we have to eat?

Those who comes to Prague nowadays beside of the tourist hopping pubs you can experience the reform of the czech cuisine:

thirteen types of dumplings, locally reared beef and taste a delicious Prague ham and the czech beers must be tasted!