Pula: from the 6th biggest amphiteather ont he world to the adventorous beaches

The city can be found on the southern part of the Istrian Peninsula in Croatia. It is full of history and cultural monuments.

The most known pebbly and rocky beach is Ambrela beach. Those who like to be far away from the crowd and much more like the romantic beaches in the green they can find the perfect match to themselves. Sportslovers can play basketball, tennis, golf or try climbing, diving, walking, cycling and there is a chance to try panoramic flight. There is a lot of concerts in Pula for those who would like to enjoy the entertainment until the morning they can find their expectations in the neary discos.

What is worth to see?

Unmissable sight the Pula Arena in the centre of Pula. It is an antic memorial which is the 6th largest amphitheater in the world. Due to the legend is has been built by 100 fairies.

Sergijev’s triumphal Arch – Golden gate: the triumphal Arch was built up by the Sergijev family for the respect of three family members who has done high ranked tasks in Pula. The triumphal Arch leaned to the gate of the city the Porta Aurea. The triumphal Arch is built in Corinthian style. It’s curiosity that most of the easter side of it is unfinished in a sculptural view because it has not been seen so much as the westernd side of it which is elaborated in details.

Hercule’s door can be found between two probably medieval tower. It is built up not profiliated stone blocks on the peak of vaulted and damaged openings.

What should we eat definitely?

It is definitely worth to be ont he Istra gourme, the istrian epicure products market. Those who are there look the local taverns and taste the local specialities the istrian prsut (special local ham), the goat cheese, different local pastas, fish peculiarities and the real gourme truffle.