Vienna: Tradition and culture

Vienna, or as the Germans call it Wien, is the capital of Austria. The capital of Austria is the real cultural center, where everybody can find its own most appropriate relaxation possibility.

The Staatsoper and the Volksoper attract the audience with famous opera performances, theaters show more spectacular and more spectacular performances to their repertoire.

In the museum district there are several exhibitions every day.

It serves millions of foreign tourists in Vienna, especially during the Christmas season.

What is worth to see?

The most popular attractions are Stephansdom, Hofburg, Parliament, Majolica Haus,

Belvedere Palace and Kerje.

Vienna is full of better and better museums,

and everyone is impressed with the architectural masterpieces here.

What to taste for sure?

The taste of Viennese cuisine is very similar to the dishes of Hungarian cuisine, owing to the intertwined history.

Their typical dishes: Gefüllte Karlsbrust (stuffed veal), Frankfurters (sausage), Bauernschmaus (A single dish of different meat and dumplings),

Tafelspitz (cooked with Rösti), Schweinbraten and Semmelknö (spiced pork chops).

Vienna awaits for tourists with cozy pubs