Zagreb: Fall in love with, get to know, go back

The capital of Croatia, Zagreb is an attractive destination.  It is located in the northwest of the country, along the Sava river. Zagreb is a loveable and friendly city, its atmosphere is seasoned by a Mediterranean flavor. Tourists usually choose the beach, however the kind capital is also waiting for visitors.

What is worth visiting?

Technically the croatian capital encompasses two cities. The Upper Town (in croatian Gorniji grad or Gradec) is Zagreb’s historical center. The main square of the capital is St. Mark’s Square, where once chandlers sold their merchandise. Now here can be found the croatian parliament, Sabor, The Zagreb Municipal Assembly, St. Mark’s Church and also the Zagreb Municipal Museum. In the capital there are many baroque houses and palaces evoking old times. The best-known -built in 1764- is Vojković-palace, today Croatian History Museum can be found here. Zagreb’s other historical center is Kaptol, that developed around the Zagreb Cathedral, the Zagreb archdiocese headquarter. Lower town urbanized modern center of Zagreb. It was built up at the turn of 19.-20. centuries.

Its biggest square is Ban Jelačić Square. Once it was a market, now a favorite place for tourists, a real pedestrian zone, where a good coffee can be enjoyed in several places by travelers desiring some rest.

What is recommended to taste by all means?

Croatia’s cuisine is pretty diversified. In the course of history many nations lived here together, that with its unique flavours redounded Croatia to become an important gastronomic destination. The cuisine of Croatia’s eastern region is mostly meaty and spicy, on the south, and in coastal regions a mediterranien impression prevails, thus menus are dominated by seafood and pastas.

In Croatia meal is greeted with a glass of hard liquor,there is a wide selection, our thirsts can be quenched with Plum spirit (sljivovica), bitters (Travarica), cognac (vinjak), liqueur, mainly zadar cherry liqueur (maraschino), herbal liqueur (pelinkovac), or prosecco, which is a very tasty, sweet dessert wine.

The Istrian biska is an ice-cream flavor drink specialty. In plenty of restaurants as gift of the restaurant fiery grappa is proffered to guests. In the summer heat a cup of Ozujsko or a beer brewed in Karlovac can feel pretty refreshing